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Cannabis Cures Cancer – Not Chemotherapy and Empty Promises(Cannabis Oil Cancer Treatment)

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Many who have heard of the great medical power of cannabis oil and are looking for a way to buy it for the purpose of treating themselves or their loved ones, contact us daily for instructions on producing oil or buying.

Where can I get information on oil production?

The procedure is described in the document “Run from the Cure”. The procedure in the documentary can be described as crude but the produced oil will cure cancer. This medicine should be produced in a controlled environment using distillation equipment. Most people do not understand distillation and do not have access to essential equipment.
That is why the documentary describes a simpler method by which everyone can produce oil. As in the documentary, I would again like to point out that this process, if it does not work properly, can be dangerous and we do not assume responsibility if the information is abused.

Cannabis Oil Cancer Treatment

The largest drop in oil in the photo weighs about 0.33 grams.
That’s what you eat three times a day when eating ” a gram per day”.
The smallest fall is what you can start (or you can take less than that, of course. Sometimes it’s less good at the beginning, especially for inexperienced users.)
“The average person needs to take 90 days a full 60-gram therapy.
I suggest that people start with three doses a day, half the size of a grain of short grained rice.
A dose like this would have been equal about ¼ of a drop.
After four days of this dose, most people are able to increase their doses by doubling the amount of their dose every four days.

The average person needs about 5 weeks to reach the point where he can take a gram per day.
Once they reach this dose, a person can continue with this rate until the cancer is gone.

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Is there a protocol for treatment?

“There is a protocol and should be monitored to ensure that treatment is effective.
Small amounts of oil can be used for topical treatment of skin cancer or other conditions or people can breathe to help in the treatment of lung cancer.

The oil can also be absorbed into the body if it is used in the form of suppositories or, of course, it can be entered directly into the mouth.
For the treatment of internal cancer, the patient should swallow the oil as soon as possible.
In general, you always want to get drugs into the area that causes the problem.
For example, if you were treating bowel cancer, the most effective way to treat is to take the oil in the form of suppositories.

The average patient can take 60 grams oil about 90 days.
People who have suffered radiation damage and chemotherapy, or patients who have been suffering from MS for years and other serious conditions, can take quite some time to heal.

Often such patients require much more oil and need to be taken longer.
Such patients should try to take 120 to 180 grams over a period of six months in order to eliminate the damage that chemotherapy and radiation have left behind and to repair the damage caused by other long-term illnesses and what has been used for treatment.
When the patient is cured and when all of the damage is canceled or the condition is controlled, I recommend that they continue to take a maintenance dose of 1 to 2 grams of oil per month to maintain good health.
For an adult, it would be equal about a drop per day, and when they get used to it, they do not even feel side effects, so I really can not imagine that this is a too high price for good health. “

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